Diwali 2020

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This year Diwali comes in the month of November Date is 14 2020. Every festival has its own significance and meaning to its celebration. Diwali, the festival of lights signifies the end of darkness and the beginning of light that enlightens us all.  Every nook and corner of the country resonate with the festive spirit with lights and sound of the crackers. In our, Country South India has the biggest celebration every year. And in the past few years, people from Tamilnadu will celebrate Diwali in an extravagant way.

In our zest to celebrate Diwali in a grand scale, let us not forget our responsibility towards nature, the home for all living beings. We all know that our environment is precious and that we have already done enough harm to it. The high electricity consuming lights, air-polluting crackers, and disturbing sounds from the explosives during Diwali celebrations are highly detrimental to the environment.  Here are some tips to be eco-sensitive this Diwali,

In India, Diwali is the festival of light and happiness. Diwali is the prime festival in the Indian subcontinent, celebrated mostly by the Hindus. Well, it’s a major festival in India, and you’ll find almost everyone celebrating the same and wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali 2020. This year, the Diwali festival is in November.

It’s near, and we should prepare to wish our friends and family members on the auspicious occasion of the Diwali festival. Even if you are not going to celebrate the festival of Diwali in 2019, you’ll need these Happy Diwali 2020Quotes and Messages.

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