Diwali related Shayari, Images and SMS

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Diwali related Shayari, Images and SMS, Happy Diwali status

Diwali is also called the Deepavali. It is the festival of the whole country. This year Diwali comes on 14th November 2020(Wednesday) in Punjab. Diwali is India’s big festival. Diwali means rows of lighted lamps. This festival celebrates in every corner of our country. It becomes the symbol of unity. india has been this festival for thousands of years and continues s to celebrate it. Crackers hold interest for both young and old alike. The children quickly light up a fire wheel which dances on the floor, just as a couple of noisy bombs go off in the background. But this year we celebrate Diwali without crackers.

 Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers:-

Every year,  we have been celebrating Diwali with crackers But this year, we have tried to celebrate without pollution off crackers.  we wait for a new dress, crackers, Diya’s, sweets and stories on the day of Diwali. It lightens well over bad and brightens every nook and dark corner. Diwali brings back many memories. They not only bring happy ones but also the ignored ones. Those ignored old people sitting in closed rooms, kids clutching mothers and stray dogs running frightened because of the high decibel bombs.

But how to celebrate Diwali this year without crackers?

  •                we cannot completely stop celebrating without crackers all of the sudden, you can light a few sparklers, ground spinners and let us limit one fountain to a family. They are off less smoke and sound, but make sure to plant or sow a seed for every cracker your burn.

  • This year we can also take a step toward saving electricity. Let mud diyas spread their light everywhere at least on Diwali.

  • The festival is the best time to refresh from restless work. Instead of buying sweets cook together, design a Rangoli with cousins in our home. Leave your phone aside and switch off those special programs on TV to make your Diwali with family more special. Plan fun games, listen to grandparents’ stories and ask them to share their experiences.

Now, you look a Diwali related images, Shayari, and SMS greetings…….

         May you Wish a safe Diwali and happy Diwali in advance.                                                                                                                           

Diwali pe tum khushiya

 khub manana, 

Meri koi bat buri lagi ho to ose dil

se mitaana.

Hum intezaar karege tumhare,

Aaker bas ek diya mere  sath


Happy  Diwali 2020

Wish you a very very

Happy Diwali 2020 in advance

You are the light of my life…..

I wish the full of smile Diwali for you……

 Happy Diwali  2020 

happy diwali status

     Hasde Hasde Deeve jagao, 

Nawian khushian Jeevan Vich le aoo,

Dukh Dard Sare Bhul Ke,

Sab Nu Apne Gale Lagao.

                                                                          Happy Deepavali 2020

Let’s hope that Diwali

Brings you Good Luck

And Fulfils all your Dreams!!

Happy Diwali 2020in Advance

Diwali related Shayari


At least change the way you celebrate Diwali now to enjoy this festival in the future. Sustainable celebrations are better than no celebration


Happy Diwali  2020  

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