Make Best status, Beautiful images of Rangoli on Happy Diwali 2018

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Make Best status, Beautiful images of Rangoli on Happy Diwali 2018

Diwali is the festival of lights. Every year this festival mostly comes in October and November. But this year Diwali celebrated on 7th November 2018 (Wednesday) in India. It is celebrated by Hindus with great excitement and happiness. But this festival is also liked by all the people whose are living in India.

Apart from that when Indian people celebrate this festival Diwali with enthusiasm, the foreign people also liked this way of celebrating a festival and they come to India to see and enjoy this festival with Indian people.

Indians love colors and it’s perfectly reflected in various ways. Rangoli is one such example that is a unique artwork that is practiced by people all across India. Basically, Rangoli is an artwork that is done by floors. On the day of Diwali, you may have seen your mother or sister is making Diwali Rangoli on the floor.

Rangolis can be made using different materials such as colorful rangoli powders, ground rice, sand powder, flowers, and Diyas, and if you’re planning to make a new  Rangoli this year in your home, then you can see our rangoli status.

          “Rangoli is about culture and history,” he told the paper. “I am attempting to preserve the traditional art as I do not want the youngsters to view rangoli only as a picture.” 

                                                                 Wish you Happy Diwali 2018

Happy Diwali 2018


Tumne Bhi Rangoli Sajayi Hogi,
Matwali Diwali Manayi Hogi,
Buja Hua Chiraag Dekh Kar,
Humari Yaad To Ayi Hogi.

 Wish you very very Happy Diwali 2018

Make Best status

Pehle Jaise rang Nahi Hai…
Jeevan Ki Rangoli mein…
Jaane kitna zehar bhra hai 
abb logoon kii boli mein…..

                                                                     Happy diwali 2018

Make Best status


Diwali aayi , Masti shayi,

Rangoli bnayi, Deep jalaye,

     Doom Dhadka,

Chhoda ptaka, jali phuljadyian

  sabko bhaye

” Happy Diwali 2018″

Beautiful images


 Yu hi nahi aati hai,

khubsurat Rangoli mein,,

Alag Alag  ko ek hona padta hai.

                                                                              Happy Diwali 2018

Rangoli on Happy Diwali




             Tamaan jahaan jagmagaya,
           Fir seTyohar Roshni ka aaya,
           Koi tumhe hamnse pehle
        Na dede badhayian,
       ye paigam e mubarak
         sabse pehle humne bhijwaya
      “Diwali  ki  shubhkamnaye.”

Beautiful images Beautiful images Beautiful images Beautiful images

Make Best status Make Best status Make Best status Make Best status

Rangoli on Happy Diwali Rangoli on Happy Diwali Rangoli on Happy Diwali Rangoli on Happy Diwali

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